Warehousing for Everyones Needs

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Unmatched capabilities

  • WAREHOUSE OWNERSHIP - Through our sister company Choice Commercial, we own many warehouses since 1984.
  • INTEGRATED SERVICES - Our fleet combined with our warehousing services provides a tightly controlled and highly efficient distribution solution.
  • VALUE-ADDD SERVICE - Labeling, kitting, final packaging and other value-added services can be done in the distribution center at a much lower cost than in a manufacturing environment.
  • TRACKING AND REPORTING - Real-time measurement and sharing of operational performance and labor productivity provides transparency and control.
  • NETWORKED FACILITIES - Orders and inventory across multiple facilities can be viewed through a single web interface.

Nation-wide distribution

Choice has built a shared nationwide dry and temperature controlled warehousing network. By co-locating your inventory with similar products or even competitors’ products where you can reduce your warehousing costs. Most importantly, you can consolidate with others to convert LTL shipments to more efficient full truckload. Freight consolidation has the potential to cut 30-40% from your current freight bill. Shared warehousing is flexible pricing, only pay for the space and labor you need.